Best Online Casino Licensing and Regulatory Bodies

blog post - Best Online Casino Licensing and Regulatory Bodies

Wherever gambling is present, the legal authority given by regulatory bodies is also an issue. A lot of countries worldwide do not support gambling or betting. Like any other business in industries, licensing and certification are also a requisite for any online casino operation.

The online world is useful but dangerous, and fake online casinos can take advantage of this. It is one reason legality and security should always be a question before engaging in any of these in the industry.


Online Casino Licensing Groups and Institutions

The online gambling regulatory bodies and institutions work to ensure that all online casinos under their jurisdiction are at par with their strict standards.

These institutions regulate all activities, especially that this practice involves finance transactions and private data and information. Licenses and certificates are definitive accounts of the online casino’s safety, security, and fairness. Here is a list of the most trusted regulatory bodies in the industry.


  • UK Gambling Commission

Online Casino Licensing Uk gambling commission

The biggest among all other commissions in the industry, the United Kingdom (UK) Gambling Commission, has been in operation since 2005. Its jurisdiction covers most trusted online casinos that operate worldwide, including Royal Panda, Genesis Casino, LeoVegas, and Omnia.

The commission aims to facilitate fair, not manipulated, crime-free gambling. Its policies cover everything from software testing to financial transactions.


  • Malta Gambling Authority

Online Casino Licensing malta gaming

Malta Gambling Authority is one of the top online gambling regulatory bodies in Europe. It was previously known as the Lotteries and Gaming Authority from its establishment in 2001.

The regulation and licensing of this authority cover different dimensions of the industry’s fairness and transparency.

Over 500 sites are under its supervision, including LeoVegas, India, Omnia, Betway, and Atlantic spins. Its goal is to protect online players through fair and responsible gaming and gaming environments.


  • Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

Online Casino Licensing gibraltar regulatory

Gibraltar Regulatory Authority is another institution that adds to the list of trusted regulatory bodies based in the United Kingdom.

The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority Act of 2000 established this statutory body operates with ranges of sectors to promote player safety.

It is responsible for upholding Gibraltar’s data protection law. To better understand its statutes, the authority offers a guide on “Remote Technical and Operational Standards.”


  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission

Alderney Gambling Control Commission

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission is also a known licensing authority. It provides two types of licenses: License reserved for Business to Consumer (B2C) and License for Business to Business (B2B). Its rules and regulations aim to a crime-free eGaming industry.

The online casinos applying for the commission’s license have to pass all stringent international laws and regulations for safe and secure online gambling to get its license.

The online casino experience is an overwhelming entertainment and profiting ride. The flashy websites might even distract you from wanting to know its legality and authority.

By the time you realized that the site was not credible and reliable, your safety and security are already at stake. It always pays to check which licenses and regulations of any online casinos before engaging. Identify if these top regulatory bodies regulate and licensed your favorite online casino sites.