Attack on retro


Offering a cool theme and some really good features, Attack on Retro is worth a look! Like all the other leading slot machines at the top-rated online casinos, this slot game was developed by Microgaming. This is a very experienced developer with a large arsenal of slot games in their catalog.

The big draw for this game is the wonderful artwork done on the front side of the machine. It looks like a homage to the arcade days when you used to see those old arcade signs around. Although it doesn't use actual arcade coins, you can tell that this is a real money machine because of the “retro” look and sound. With a theme that includes 80's cartoons, action heroes, and movie stars, you'll be sure to have a lot of fun playing this retro slot game!

Like many of the slot games on this site, Attack on Retro comes complete with bonus features. You can get bonuses when you play certain reels, or you can even get coins for each reel you win. Some of these reels include “Revenge of Monkey”, “Dracula”, “Wrecking Balboa”, and others. You can get coins for all the reels in this game as well.

Bonus features make Attack on Retro a powerful slot machine. You can also get a bonus whenever you place a red bet. The total payout for the red bet will be multiplied by three, making it possible for you to win a maximum of four coins on each of your first two bets. For the third bet, the multiplier is increased by two! This means that winning the jackpot will be worth four times what it would be without the bonus!

A final bonus feature that really makes Attack on Retro unique is the wild reels feature. When you enter a room and click on the reel that you want to start playing, you'll see a random selection of characters spinning around on the screen. They're friendly little creatures that run about the room, and you can click on them to play! In this version, you can click on any character to spin them around, too. There are 9 characters to select from, so you're bound to find one you like. This fun wild reels feature makes Attack on Retro a fun and exciting game to play.

Another neat feature of this game is the ability to use the “per spin” feature. This means that you can go back and change the reels at any time if you want to. If you change your mind after you've started, you can just start again. This is extremely useful for people who like to play a few different retro slots games at once, as it allows them to play whatever fits their schedule best.

The “per spin” feature of Attack on Retro slot machines is extremely helpful, especially if you don't have a long list of winning numbers. If you only have a couple of reels left, you could end up with more coins than you know what to do with. If you've played before and know which reels to use on which wild reels, this wouldn't be a problem. But, on the other hand, if you haven't seen the game in action, and you get a winning combination, then you might want to try out the “per spin” feature to see if you can beat the machine.

Overall, this is a slot game that you should look into. While it does have a few shortfalls compared to other versions of attack on retro slots, it still has plenty of positive attributes. You'll have plenty of free spins, you'll get plenty of coins, and the reels are constantly changing up. That makes this a fun game that many people will find interesting, even if they think they'll never find a real slot machine with these mechanics.