Grease is one of those words that are really starting to make a come back in the world of casino and poker. Most commonly, it's used to describe grease-speaking someone else s hands or hand with money for some shady transaction or deal. Simply put, grease is also slang for a bribe. When it comes to casinos especially, when someone is referring to greasing another person a hand, they're probably referring to bribing the greeter to hide illegal transactions.

On a related note, in roulette and blackjack, greasy hands may also denote winnings. Now depending on the casino games involved, one could have “free” grease while another may require you to use “spinner” chips (the smallest chips in any casino game) after winning to cover your winnings. It all depends on the house rules. Some houses allow the “spinner” chips to be used after the bet is made, as long as you've won and they were used for that bet. Others require you to remove your grease chip from the card and replace it with a normal chip upon winning. All this is based on house rules.

There are many greasers out there waiting to climb into the slot game. If you have a few thousand in your pocket, you may want to consider investing in a grease gun. It's an inexpensive tool that doesn't take up much space and can often double your cash output from a single spinning wheel spin. Grease guns don't just allow you to make a little more money, they also allow you to create a lot more high-paying slots! With all the recent hullabaloo over slot machine game play and the “scatter symbols” recently introduced by casinos, now's the time to jump on the greaser bandwagon!