Jack hammer

Jack Hammer is a strange little game that has become one of the most popular casino games ever. It starts with the same setup as many of the other slots games, where a number is called out, and you need to spin the reels to make the appropriate amounts of money. The first time you hit the spin button, a number will be drawn, but this number will change every time you hit it, providing new opportunities for you. If you hit more numbers than your current number, you will win.

In this modern take on the old slots game, the jack Hammer character is not solely a simple clown. There are other characters who, along with the usual smiling Jack, are now available to play the game as well. These include the joker, who are usually portrayed as an evil clown with a crooked grin, and the Big Top, who are nothing more than an oversized top who is happy to entertain. Along with these extra characters are special symbols that represent the different levels you will be trying to get to on the Jack Hammer machine.

As you rotate through the various symbols representing different levels of play, you will see that you are advised to pay close attention to the color of each symbol. Green indicates you will be playing on a level that requires more spins, with yellow indicating that you will be required to pay more coins. This means that you will either need to hit much more icons in order to win, or hit more colors to win with the small icons. This is why it is very important to pay attention to the colors of the symbols on the Jack Hammer machine and choose the ones that will help you win the most, while also giving you the most opportunity to actually win. Pay attention to the sticky wins so that you can use them wisely with the jack Hammer and earn additional money!