Primate king


A perfect strategy to use with primate king slot machine is to bet the maximum on the first five picks, then cut your losses slowly by conservatively betting the same amount on the last five picks. This will earn you a maximum return, even if there is a loss on the final five picks. If you bet the maximum on the first five, you should cut your losses slowly, particularly if you end up betting the same amount on the final five as you did on the first five. After all, if you lose on the final five, you will only lose the amount you bet on the first five.

The actual payout is based on a number of factors including the starting hand and the current position of the slot. It is possible to increase your potential payout if you can determine which of these factors is better – increasing the starting hand or decreasing your current position on the paytable. The trick is to play carefully and bet strategically, using your symbols wisely. For example, if you have a perfect five-card draw and the only two you need to make a payout are a straight flush and a straight split, then the value of the flush is higher than the split because you will win more money in the short term. However, you have to know when to take a short cut and when to hold out.

Winning with the primate king slot machine requires you to be observant, especially at the entrance and exit costs. For these places, it is important to look for the “red tigers” – machines that are positioned next to “red tailed” slots. These red-tailed slots are usually doubled or triple targeted because they usually have a wide range of jackpots. At times, the payouts can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

To get the biggest payouts with the primate king slot machine, always bet the maximum when you see the red tailed icon and then cut your losses gradually as you move away from that icon. Do not get greedy when you are going for the jackpot because chances are you will be losing a lot of money if you do. Instead, play cautiously, lay bets while remaining patient, and then wait for the payoff. When you do, the big payoff you will get will surprise you.