Tiki mania

Tiki Mania is one of the newest casino games to hit the scene. With a large 5×3 square grid placed on the tropical beach, Tiki Mania features a progressive structure that rewards players with high scores. The graphics are quite good, and Tiki Mania is fun to play. However, there is a secret in finding the top Tiki Mania bonuses – you have to know where to look! Fortunately, this game can be played at any one of the many online casinos and even at home, thanks to the implementation of Flash and Java.

Tiki Mania is a fairly straightforward game, which involves laying out your board and earning points by making sure that certain symbols appear. Each symbol is shown with a small picture beneath it. The icons include hearts, coconuts, pineapple and more. To earn cash, a player must lay out a portion of their design and then place the icon where the symbol is supposed to appear. Laying out the correct symbols is not very difficult, but knowing what they are will require a little effort on your part.

This fun game can be played as a video slot or offline using a browser. It is simple enough for anyone to pick up, and thanks to Tiki Mania's Flash interface, it is simple enough to play even without a mouse and keyboard. One of the best things about Tiki Mania is that it allows players to make up their own symbols and save them for later play. This feature is what makes Tiki Mania a highly addictive game, because just a few careful clicks and you can turn an ordinary looking square graph into a highly detailed and colorful virtual jungle. While you are playing, try to use the right icon on the right square and keep hitting the space bar to add more symbols to your design. When the timer runs out, the game will end and you will earn your virtual money along with all the virtual rewards you have earned.