Wild krakatoa

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Krakatoa is an archipelago of volcanic islands located in the Sunda Strait between Sumatra and Java. It is home to numerous historic eruptions, many of which destroyed the island and created new islands. Many of these eruptions occurred before the human era, and they created a laboratory for evolutionary research, allowing scientists to answer the question of how and when species disperse. This is one of the many reasons why this volcanic island is popular among travelers.

The three largest of these craters, Rakata, was the last to die. It spewed ash for over a quarter of a million years, but the lava still oozes from its mouth. The volcano was the source of the volcanic activity that destroyed many island communities, and many of them live there today. But the island was once much larger than the current Krakatoa, which is why many visitors still visit today.

The first botanical expedition, in 1886, found eleven species of ferns on Krakatoa. These species were initially thought to have died in the eruption, but scientists found one spider alive on the island nine months after. The spider, despite its plight, had not been killed, and was able to recolonize the island. Researchers have suggested that the regrowth of life was triggered by the eruption. The island’s eastern side was lush with trees and shrubs, and scientists believe that these seeds were brought to the island from other parts of the world via ocean currents and the droppings of birds and natives.